Volkswagen Golf R: Used Car Reminder

Volkswagen Golf R: Used Car Reminder

Although the Golf R has only been out of production for a year or two, I decided to include it here for one simple reason: everyone has already forgotten about it.

The reason for that is also simple: it was ridiculously expensive. In fact, the 2013 Golf R started at $35,000 with shipping for the 2-door, or $36,000 for the 4-door — and that’s before options. And I’m talking about options you might want, such as a sunroof.

So the Golf R was rather pricey as a new car, which led most people to remove it from their shopping lists. But here’s the thing: it’s starting to be a great deal as a used car.

For proof, I turn us to noted warranty company and occasional car dealer CarMax, who happens to have four Golf Rs at various locations around the country. The cheapest one? $29,000, for a one-year-old 4-door with only 15,000 miles. In other words: the market has spoken, and these things are getting down to a more reasonable price point.

And that’s a good thing, since these cars have a lot to offer. Think 256 horsepower, 243 pound-feet, and standard all-wheel drive. It’s like a GTI STI. And there’s also that neat touch about including a manual as the only available transmission.

So, remember this, ladies and gentlemen: the Golf R. It’s cheap now, and it’s only getting cheaper. Just make sure to buy it with a warranty.

6 Responses to “ “Volkswagen Golf R: Used Car Reminder”

  1. Mike Livshiz says:

    Only problem is that the stability control is non-defeatable. I’m sure there’s a way, but it almost certainly would void the warranty. For my money, I would spend $29k (or less) on a used STI with similar mileage.

    • Scotten says:

      Having owned both a WRX and a GTI, I’d say the Golf R has to feel much more mature and solid. German cars are built (or overbuilt) way more than Japanese rallycars-for-the-street.

  2. Walt says:

    Pretty cool car and that’s a great point about Carmax, a strong warranty with rental car coverage will be necessary.

  3. Lee_K says:

    I was really excited when VWoA announced that they would import the Golf R, as I was looking for a slightly more mature all-wheel drive sedan to replace my Evo VIII. When my dealer got one in and let me test drive it, I was distinctly underwhelmed. My wife had an R32 and then a Mark VI GTI, so I am very familiar with how a hot hatch should feel. But I didn’t get that with the Golf R. It felt slow off the line and substantially heavier than the GTI, which of course it is due to the extra weight of the all wheel drive. I simply could not justify the $37,000 asking price (four-door Autobahn) with the driving experience. Which is a real pity, because I was prepared to love the car. My solution? My wife got a Touareg and turned over the GTI to me. Everybody’s happy.

  4. JMII says:

    My brother has the new Golf R, he has tracked it, it is FAST! Horsepower upgrades are just a quick ECU tune away. Do not under estimate this car. The AWD grip is great and the brakes are fantastic (his words). My brother has previously owned a ‘Vette (also seen track time) and a Golf 337. The 337 had the best brakes of any car I’ve been in, it stopped so quickly it hurt. Personally I’ve burned by VW in the past with a Passat that literally fell apart after 80K miles, but when it comes to hot hatches the Golfs are pretty much the only vehicle left on the market.

  5. Bgravolet says:

    I highly recommend the Golf R at any price point as my 16 year old is here today because of it. As a hard-core Porsche and car guy in general I wanted my son to have a “cool” car to go to high school in. I also wanted all wheel drive in case he heads to college where it snows. After driving everything out there we bought a left over 2012 Golf R. 5,200 trouble free miles until he was run into a concrete wall on the Interstate by a road rage driver who caused a chain reaction accident. Seat air bags deployed, side curtain airbags deployed, car looks like it was picked up and crushed from both sides. My son didn’t have one scratch or one ache or pain the next morning. The driver who caused the accident thought he was severely injured or worse.

    Have I told you how much I love the Golf R?

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