2007 Jaguar XK: CarMax Cameras

2007 Jaguar XK: CarMax Cameras

Yes, you’re reading that right: a sticky note reminder not to go through the car wash with the radio on.  It’s something that every single owner of a 2007 Jaguar XK has sitting in his gauge cluster; or perhaps, after a four-figure repair bill, wishes he had in his gauge cluster.

You see, the 2007 Jaguar XK had an embarrassingly large antenna that shot up from the rear quarter panel every time the radio turned on.  And when I say “shot up,” I mean it: it was a metal rod about four feet long.  Cue “that’s what she said” jokes.

With the radio on in a car wash, the brushes and high-pressure water would destroy the antenna.  Most longtime Jaguar owners never even reported the issue, since they were used to electrical problems when it rained.  But a problem it was, and by 2008 Jaguar fitted the aerial to the windshield like everyone else.

Why CarMax Norcross felt it was worthy of noting in an advertisement, however, is beyond me.

One Response to “ “2007 Jaguar XK: CarMax Cameras”

  1. ChargerRT says:

    I always loved the look of those Jags, but the problems that plague them…. I do wish we could see prospective buyers face when they see that post it.

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