2007 Porsche 911: CarMax Cameras

2007 Porsche 911: CarMax Cameras

The Porsche 911 boasts iconic styling and tremendous performance.  Really, it’s a modern marvel: an almost stunning car to drive, especially considering its unusual rear-engine layout.

None of that is clear from this overexposed CarMax photo, which appears to show the place where the convertible top latches to the windshield.  Or, at least, part of it.

I’m not sure exactly what buyers are intended to learn from this photo, which was taken by the clearly qualified CarMax Irvine in Southern California.  But one thing is for sure: the picture doesn’t exactly make me say “Oooh, I want a 911.”  Instead, it’s more like: “Oooh, CarMax Irvine needs better camerawork.”

So, dear readers, all nine of you, if you’re in Irvine and you have a Nikon, or possibly an iPhone, please go directly to CarMax and volunteer your services.  And if you’re in Irvine and you’re shopping for a 911, consider CarMax – and tell them this photo inspired you.

2 Responses to “ “2007 Porsche 911: CarMax Cameras”

  1. Equinox says:

    Unfortunately everyone is a photographer these days, and in most cases a very bad one.

  2. ChargerRT says:

    Lol that photo makes no sense because they forgot to Instagram it, I just did and now it made sense!

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