Isuzu Invader: Named in Japan

Isuzu Invader: Named in Japan

The Japanese were busy on December 7, 1941. In addition to the attack on Pearl Harbor, they also chose that day to invade Malaysia in a city called Kota Bharu. While Japan never made it past Hawaii in the States, they were far more successful in Malaysia, occupying much of the country through the end of the war.

If you’re not asleep yet, you might be questioning what this all has to do with cars.

Well, you see, one might think the Japanese invasion of Malaysia would stop a Japanese car company from selling a car called the “Invader” in Malaysia. But that isn’t the case. In fact, Isuzu not only had the audacity to sell the Invader in Malaysia, they sold it only in Malaysia. In other countries, it was called the TF, or, for some reason, the Isuzu Ippon.

Aside from its name, the Invader looks like a pretty typical third-world pickup truck. You know what I mean: body clearly cobbled together using the front of a rest-of-world SUV and the rear of a commercial vehicle; lots of right angles; weird light bars in the bed without lights, presumably so rebel forces have something to grab on to as they’re being carted through jungles carrying Soviet-era machine guns.

In other words, it would be a great tool for an invasion. Maybe the Japanese had the right idea after all.

4 Responses to “ “Isuzu Invader: Named in Japan”

  1. plepgeat says:

    A marketing department filled with historical revisionists could have a field day with this.

    The top-line trim package for soccer moms? The Invader Comfort Woman!

    The Chinese-market version of the FR-S? Nanking Express!

    An off-road oriented truck for Australia? The Bataan March!

  2. DemosCat says:

    I suggest Ford rename the Fiesta to the Ford Enola Gay – sold only in Japan!

  3. HaloNHorns2002 says:

    That looks like a four-door Chevy S-10 with a different front clip, similar to the Hombre that they sold here in the States from ’96-2000… It seems like any “normal” car Isuzu marketed in the US was cribbed from some other automaker… Although the VehiCROSS and Axiom were kinda cool in a weird way.

  4. dead_elvis says:

    Along this line of imperialist nomenclature, how about the Jeep Comanche Eliminator pickup truck?

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