2007 BMW 750i: CarMax Cameras

2007 BMW 750i: CarMax Cameras

The “E65” BMW 7-Series was, by all accounts, a wonderful car. That is, unless you consider its styling, which came about when BMW’s design team inexplicably ceded control to a man from Ohio with a beard, possibly at gunpoint.

These cars also suffered from issues with iDrive, which was an electronic control system that everyone bitterly complained about. The complaints were so bad, in fact, that nearly every other manufacturer implemented similar systems within ten years.

Fortunately, iDrive improved. And BMW facelifted the E65 7-Series in 2006, which largely ended any complaints about its styling. Except, apparently, for this CarMax employee in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

In this photo, he appears to be dismayed at the 7-Series, with this blurry camerawork likely a ruse to get people not to buy it. He won’t have to work too hard, especially with CarMax’s pricing.

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  1. Mvoss says:

    He was probably one of those who loved it so much he was shaking with excitement.

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