Tesla Model S: In The Hood

Tesla Model S: In The Hood

“In the Hood” is my favorite segment here on PlaysWithCars.com, where I will – I swear – one day actually play with cars. Based on the traffic numbers, it’s also your least favorite segment. But since it’s Monday, and it’s been raining since early March, I’ve decided to give myself a treat and post up a few photos from the neighborhood.

I like “In the Hood” because I can put on flip-flops, go outside, and photograph any of the bizarre WASPy cars parked around my neighborhood at any given time. Presumably, you don’t like it because the things I find are always obscure, and typically from the mid-1990s when the Chevrolet Cavalier was actually a competitive compact car.

So I’ve made a compromise: today’s “In the Hood” highlights a car not from the 1990s, but from the future. Behold the Tesla Model S, which has now become so popular in the hood that some neighborhood denizens may soon trade in their E-Class wagons or mid-‘90s Land Cruisers for one.

Just kidding. Those cars have too many European oval stickers on their rear windows to ever let them go.

But the Tesla Model S is pretty popular here, as these photos show. That’s kind of surprising, since this neighborhood would collectively laugh at anyone who showed up driving a Fisker Karma. In fact, they would talk about the Karma owner at neighborhood meetings, saying things like: “Whit bought a Fisker Karma? Oh! That simply isn’t done.”

But apparently, it’s more socially acceptable to buy a Tesla. Is it the styling? The image? The fact that you don’t have to worry about a garage fire? I’m not entirely sure. But I’m convinced it’ll only be a few days before they start sporting European oval stickers.

12 Responses to “ “Tesla Model S: In The Hood”

  1. Adam says:

    I see tons of these here in San Diego, but I guess that’s to be expected. Someone in my neighborhood has a white Karma, I somehow end up behind it at stop lights frequently. Nice to see something different from all the Prius, BMW, and luxury SUV models that are usually prowling the streets.

  2. James says:

    I’ve seen so many of them in Orlando and also Cleveland

  3. Kiwi Joe says:

    I’m the silver car in the picture is an XF… Fancy neighborhood!

  4. Matt Ivanhoe says:

    It’s as if Elon Musk sent a task force within the last month to invade Fairfield County, CT with them. All of a sudden…they’re everywhere.

  5. Dan Barry says:

    They are all over downtown Denver too. I’m still waiting to see a dead one loaded on a AAA truck… guess that’s a testament to their reliability.

  6. Land Ark says:

    In Northern VA I see more Karmas than Teslas on the road.
    Part of my job is to help folks set up their metering equipment for a program to get cheaper rates while charging their cars. I’m an adviser, not an actual do-er mind you. But whenever I talk to someone now, I’m usually told they are getting a Tesla. So I figure at some point I’ll see Karmas lining used car dealer lots and the Teslas will take over the streets.

    I probably shouldn’t have taken a loss and sold my Tesla stock at $27 last year, huh? Dammit.

    • Doug DeMuro says:

      No LEAF people?

      As for the stock price – wild huh? Surely just a bubble…

      • Land Ark says:

        The LEAFers seemed to all buy about a year ago. Plus they tend to get whole house meters instead of putting a separate service in just for the car (which is where I come in, and only when there are problems/questions). Tesla folks seem to have more ability to install fast charge units and are therefore need more one on one attention.

  7. HaloNHorns2002 says:

    My roommate spotted one of these in Metro Detroit the other day and it immediately became his “lust-for” car… until I told him it was electric.

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