GMC Jimmy Diamond Edition: Minutiae

GMC Jimmy Diamond Edition: Minutiae

Ah, the Jimmy Diamond Edition. This one is worthy of a serious mention in the GM Bad Idea section, except for the fact that I have a confession to make: I actually like it. And by that, I mean I like it in a “Oh the Plymouth Prowler is cool, but I would never let my friends see me driving it” kind of way.

Let’s start with what the Jimmy Diamond is: ugly. But also a luxurious special edition version of the Jimmy sold late in its model run to try and earn a few sales from shoppers who thought the Oldsmobile Bravada was a little too retirement village.

There were a few major updates that distinguished the Jimmy Diamond from the standard Jimmy. The wheels were one. The chrome running boards were another. But most importantly, there was the odd strip of silver trim on both doors. All Jimmy Diamonds had that, while no regular Jimmys did (fortunately), so it’s a good way to distinguish between the two. Also: many, but not all, Jimmy Diamonds had a “grille guard” in front, for reasons totally unknown.

Now that we’ve covered the exterior, we must move on to the interior, which is the actual ugly part. That’s because the entire thing is covered with – truly – a diamond pattern. Diamond seats, diamond door panels, and – in case you forgot what you were sitting in – the Jimmy Diamond’s logo slapped on all four headrests. The logo was, of course, some diamonds.

Obviously, the Diamond Edition didn’t last long, and you rarely see them on the roads anymore. But if you ever visit the junkyard, at least you’ll know what you’re looking at. Then you’ll cover your eyes.


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  1. NickNyack says:

    I am almost forgotten about the Diamond Edition and its twin the Blazer Trailblazer Edition. Or was it the Trailblazer Blazer? Hah!

    Even as a young teen I remember finding these trim packages strange. Another odd minutiae about the Diamond Edition is that it included HID headlights mounted in the reflector housings. If my memory is correct, the bulbs were sealed and it required replacement of the entire unit when they burned out!

    • Doug DeMuro says:

      Yes – the ol’ Blazer TrailBlazer:

      Never knew the Diamond had HID lights! Seems like a totally late-90s GM thing to do though: anticipate upcoming technology, then half-ass it.

      • NickNyack says:


        I am almost positive that GM released a special edition of the Blazer in conjunction with the Jimmy Diamond Edition. Here’s the kicker.. I think it was called the Trail Blazer edition.

        I remember a spread in one of the magazines that compared the Diamond Edition with the Blazer special edition. I think it included a special Tan/Beige leather interior.

        Unfortunately, due to the asinine naming habits of GM, any search for Trail Blazer edition produces results for the 00-05 S10 Trailblazer or the 05+ Trailblazer..

        Clear as mud, right?

        • Doug DeMuro says:

          Wait – so you mean one BEYOND this one?! Like – a Blazer with the Jimmy Diamond’s absurd interior?

          • NickNyack says:

            Yup! I’m still trying to find that article…

            From Wikipedia:

            In 1999, Chevrolet introduced a limited edition ‘TrailBlazer’ appearance package that was available as an upgrade to the LS and LT trims. The package featured gold-accented alloy rims and trim along with several interior/exterior modifications and upgrades. This package was marketed until the introduction of the GMT360 series for the 2002 model year. The Trailblazer’s headlamps, which featured daytime running lamps, would be available on various Blazer models until production ended. Upon introduction of the 2002 Chevrolet TrailBlazer and the GMC Envoy, production continued after their successors came to the market, with the Jimmy only being sold in Canada and in the 2005 model year, 4-door models sold to vehicle fleets. Another upscale model was the 1998 GMC Envoy. It used the same engines and had many of the same upgrades as the Bravada. The 1998 model Envoy featured an optional upgrade to High Intensity Discharge headlamps, and several other visual modifications. To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Jimmy nameplate, the Jimmy Diamond Edition was launched. Not too different from the Envoy, it featured leather seats with a diamond pattern, special diamond logos, and an aluminum silver plate along lower sides of the SUV.

            And the saga of GM’s asinine naming conventions continues…

          • Doug DeMuro says:

            Never knew that and it wouldn’t surprise me at all. Crazy!!

          • Ltd says:

            Ah ha! I thought there was an extra dolled up Blazer TrailBlazer, though I’ve still never any of these unicorns in person though.

  2. Ltd says:

    Nice! Not the truck, but the article. I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen one of these in the flesh, and this is coming from semi rural middle America where these things (S10 & Blazer derivatives) still reign like cockroaches. A first gen Bravada isnt an unusual sight around here, but Ive never seen a Jimmy Diamond Edition.

    • Doug DeMuro says:

      I happened to see a 95-05 (yes, it went through 05. Shoot me) Blazer last night and realized you just don’t see them like you used to. Usually this means some major problem is afflicting them and costing more than the vehicle itself is worth. I actually never minded how these looked, though they were a bit too small for their day.

  3. Kyle says:

    I’m such a sucker for quilted leather, I am loving this. Spyker, Bently, and…GMC. Who knew?

  4. Gib says:

    Oh come on – how could you not love a product that GM threw some cheesy parts on and called a “Diamond?” That’s like saying you don’t love triple stack cheeseburgers, Ed Hardy t-shirts, or pizzas that have cheese IN them and ON them.

    American’s love excess, right? Even when it’s excess bungied onto crap. At least SOME of the stuff GM made in those days is still running…

  5. Timothy In Boston says:

    These special editions are hysterical. I can hardly believe people paid good money for that gaudy shit.

    As an fan of “special” editions here is my nomination for the best most spectacular jaw dropping what the hell were they thinking special edition of all time: Ladies and Gentleman, I present to you the 1978 Ford Thunderbird Diamond Jubilee Edition:

    I mean hell, it came with a 22k gold plate with the owners name inscribed as well as custom pin-striping with the owners initials installed. What more could you ask for?

    It cost 10,106 in 1978 which works out to be 37,364.70 in today’s money.

    PS they also did a Lincoln Continental Mark V Diamond Jubilee Edition, the pinnacle of the modern personal luxury vehicle.

  6. cole says:

    Jimmy Arnage

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