Lexus LS 600h L: Used Car Reminder

Lexus LS 600h L: Used Car Reminder

I think we’d all agree that Plays With Cars doesn’t devote enough attention to staid, quiet Japanese luxury sedans. So I’ve decided at this moment to change that fact with a piece about everyone’s favorite full-size Japanese luxury car: the LS 600h L.

For those of you who don’t know the LS 600h L, allow me to explain. Take a normal LS 460, then stretch it (now you have an “LS 460 L”), then add a hybrid motor, and it becomes the LS 600h L. I’m not sure how they arrive at “600” considering it’s a 5.0-liter motor, but I do know it involves a lot of spaces in the model name.

So why am I bringing this up? Obviously the LS space 600h space L is a heinously overpriced luxury sedan, considering it starts at something like $121,000. Who would buy that? The answer is: no one. And that’s why it’s a great used car.

Go to right now and look for used L S 60 0h Ls. Even though they use a hybrid V8, they follow the same depreciation curve as V12-powered Mercedes S-Class and BMW 7-Series models. The result is that you can pick up a 2008 model – that’s still the current body style – for something like $45,000. Some high-mileage ones are in the thirties.

Not only is that a good price, the car isn’t so bad either: it’s got 440 horsepower, you can lie down in the back seat, and the EPA says it gets 20 mpg combined and up to 23 mpg highway. By comparison, the S600 gets 19 mpg highway and only 14 mpg combined although, to be fair, you can still lie down in the back seat.

The result: if you wanted a luxury car, you could get a new 3-Series. Or you could be just like your favorite environmentally conscious hotel and buy a five-year-old L S 6 0 0 h L.

Yeah, I’d pick the BMW, too.

8 Responses to “ “Lexus LS 600h L: Used Car Reminder”

  1. Walt says:

    So in theory, this car would be more reliable then a BMW, so does mean you should only buy this at Carmax?, I say yes because this thing will be expensive to fix.

  2. Tom K. says:

    Regardless of any cogent, logical details, I hope to never read about a hybrid on this website again.


    How is the V-Wagon treating you?

  3. Cliff says:

    First time commenter! I’ve always wanted to write that…

    Anyway, the only thing about the $45K BMW is that it’s going to be a 4 banger. 4 cylinder doesn’t exactly scream lux.

    • Doug DeMuro says:

      Good point. Although one might argue the Lexus’s derivative styling doesn’t quite scream lux either – until you lie down in the back seat!!!!

      • Cliff says:

        You do have a point. I’m way too big for my 370Z. Thinking of getting a big ass 750, or an S Class. Course it may or may not fit in my garage. Secretly, I want an E63. It’s not much of a secret really. Everyone I know, KNOWS I want one. Course I also want an M3, or an S5…the mind reels at the possibilities!

  4. Land Ark says:

    I’ve always thought Hybrids that look like regular cars don’t sell simply because they look like regular cars. I’m willing to bet that before the Model S came out the annoyingly wealthy folks looking at this also cross shopped and frequently opted for a Prius.
    You’d never see someone cross shop a regular LS with, say, a Venza. But with hybrids all rational thought goes out the window when buyers realize no one will know it’s a hybrid.
    Also, I wonder if buyers cross shopped it with Econoline conversion vans, in which you could also lie down in the back.

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